Heteroglossia: The Hubris & Humility of Humanity

Life, no matter how elusive to the untrained eye, is nothing more than the ceaseless, semiotic cycle of becoming experienced in our everyday existences. Together, these distinct moments—both our downfalls and salvations—culminate in the central, overarching process of humanity: emergence. Every passing instant signifies a steppingstone on our perpetual path toward this enlightenment; as we […]

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A Visit from Reality

Ergodic literature is that which requires a considerable effort from consumers to comprehend and compartmentalize its interconnected components, a prime example being A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan. Say what you will about the organization of this novel’s fragmented realities, but its versatility redefines the limits of “literature by expanding our notion […]

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Becoming Human

Emergence is a transcendental process, one which most of us still have yet to achieve in the fullest extent. Due to our everlasting state of existential crisis, human sentience can be seen as both a blessing and a burden, for we spend the entirety of our already much-too-limited lifetimes plagued by mundane apprehensions that may […]

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Are We Amateurs, or Are We Gods?

Literature is much more than the printed embodiment of our creativity—it is an outlet for exploration, for self-discovery. To write is to escape into a fictional realm of your own making, one which tethers authors and audiences alike to a shared experience, to the same, singular universe, even if only for a few pages. As […]

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